Jun 04

Updated Jun 06

About Pennsport

Hi Pennsport, My wife and I are looking to buy a home in the 400 block of Moore St. area. In our research, though, we've noticed that in the past month there have been 2 shootings near that area and at least 2 more within a 15 min walk. Up to May though it seems Pennsport was relatively quiet. Trulia lists the crime as low relative to Philadelphia and other sites also claim crime in the area isn't bad.

We'd like some insider thoughts; homes in Philadelphia are getting up there in price and if possible I'd like to avoid a costly mistake. I look forward to getting some inside perspective.

  • Steven Buller Beer Jesus

    You don’t have to worry, a vast majority of the shootings have to deal with street beefs, they also are HIGHLY LIKELY to be targeted crimes. The average joe doesn’t get involved in shootings.

  • I'm looking to sell my house on moyamensing closer to McKean. We haven't posted the house yet but if you are interested in let me know.