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These Philly schoolkids marched against injustice 50 years ago, and police responded with nightsticks. Today, they inspire a new generation

“That was the first time I had ever witnessed something like that,” said Ward, who had walked a mile and a half from Vaux, at 23rd and Master streets. “I was very scared and intimidated; we all were. I will never forget that day.”

    These Philly schoolkids marched against injustice 50 years ago, and police responded with nightsticks. Today, they inspire a new generation
    "The clubs were going in every direction," said an adult organizer of the walkout to bring reforms and more awareness of black students' concerns. Then-Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo ordered more than 100 men in full riot gear to charge students who had been largely peaceful. "The kids were helpless."

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    This map reveals stress levels for biking in Philly and beyond
    Anew map reveals exactly how stressful it is to bike in Philly and beyond. The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Corporation (DVRPC) recently released an interactive map of the five counties in the Delaware Valley that highlights the Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) all throughout the region.

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    New, easier-to-use SEPTA App offers real-time ETAs
    SEPTA released a new mobile app Wednesday night. Called SEPTA beta, it's a major overhaul of SEPTA's oft-derided old app. Users will notice some big changes: A brand new interface, the ability to save "favorite" routes - like your daily commute - for easy access, and, probably most importantly of all, vehicle arrival time updates every 30 seconds.

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Fly pupae on soda gun, live mice in glue trap...

Fly pupae on soda gun, live mice in glue traps cited at Philly eateries http://www.philly.com/philly/health/special_reports/clean-plates/457985963.html

    Fly pupae on soda gun, live mice in glue traps cited at Philly eateries
    Twenty four restaurants, markets and stores were closed temporarily by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health between Nov. 1 and Nov. 15. Inspectors were busy in the last two weeks citing food establishments for a myriad of offenses. It's fall and while leaves are dropping from trees, finding them on cheese is never a good thing.

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    Mapping the Affordability in Philadelphia
    By many measures, Philadelphia is one of the most affordable housing markets on the East Coast. The 2017 Bloomberg Global City Housing Affordability Index ranked Philadelphia as the second most affordable city to buy or rent a house in the U.S., just behind Houston.

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    SRC votes to dissolve, taking first step toward local control of schools
    Many, including Mayor Kenney, have wondered aloud in the past if the dissolution of the SRC would damage relations with Harrisburg and imperil attempts at cooperation. Monson and Geary, however, said they noticed no change in lawmaker attitudes toward the formula change, even as the momentum gathered for local control.

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    Phila. Attorneys Question Meek Mill Legal Team's Brash Tactics | The Legal Intelligencer
    Andrew Denney | After six days of deliberation, the corruption trial against Norman Seabrook, the powerful former head of New York City's corrections officers union, ended with the jury deadlocked and the court declaring a mistrial. Robert Storace | Peak Wellness Nutrition and Peal Wellness Biopharma, two distributors of dietary and nutritional supplements, file lawsuits against each other over similar trademarks.

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Brewerytown Living shared a Page.

Our Friends Lather at 2732 W. #GirardAve are offering new services post expansion-- a full facial menu to boot! Check them out! #Brewerytown #brewerytownisbooming


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Very cool plans for 30th Street station #Phil...

Very cool plans for 30th Street station #Philly https://philly.curbed.com/2017/11/14/16645644/30th-street-station-district-plan-station-plaza-renderings

    Amtrak reveals new designs for Station Plaza at 30th Street Station
    Amtrak just revealed its preferred design concept for its "grand civic space" at 30th Street Station, swapping out proposed circular paving patterns for circular benches and planters, instead. That, plus a big plan to improve traffic and pedestrian flow around the station.

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    A map of Philly's new foot-pedal Bigbelly trash cans
    If you're one of the people who've perfected the complicated grab-flip-toss maneuver it takes to throw trash in a street corner Bigbelly without touching its refuse-smeared handle, sorry - that skill you've honed over the past eight years is no longer useful. At least not in Center City.

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Looking for Thanksgiving volunteer opportunit...

Looking for Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities? Here are ways you can help http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/philadelphia-thanksgiving-volunteer-opportunities-donate-2017-20171116.html

    Looking for Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities? Here are ways you can help
    While sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with your nearest and dearest is a wonderful feeling, there are many Philadelphians who may not get to enjoy that luxury. So we've compiled a list of organizations who could use your time, donations, or expertise to bring Thanksgiving to underserved communities.

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    Can Cheyney University, the nation's oldest HBCU, survive?
    Why the nation's oldest black college is so troubled. By almost any measure, Cheyney University - the nation's oldest historically black college - is failing. Despite its rich and proud history, the financially troubled school has struggled for years to halt plummeting enrollment - now at 755 students, barely half what it was seven years ago.

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    1515 N 24TH ST Issued November 14, 2017 Comment

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    Philly SRC to vote to disband, restore local school control
    5,809 days after the SRC was created, the body will vote to blow itself up for reasons that boil down to this, according to the official resolution: "the School District is no longer distressed" and "the School District no longer requires governance by a School Reform Commission."

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Crime:update ,Murder in Spring Garden: http:/...

Crime:update ,Murder in Spring Garden: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/crime/gerard-grandzol-spring-garden-killing-video-testimony-roberts-20171115.html?utm_campaign=Philly.com+Facebook+Account&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&cid=Philly.com+Facebook&mobi=true

    Philly judge sees, hears chilling footage of Spring Garden dad's killing
    After watching a rare audio-included surveillance video that captured the final moments and words of Gerard Grandzol, a popular Spring Garden community activist, Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge David C. Shuter ordered two brothers held for trial on charges of murder, attempted carjacking, robbery, and related gun crimes.

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    Pew Report: Philly's poor have been stuck in the inner city, separated from suburban job growth
    On Wednesday, Pew Charitable Trusts released a new study exploring the city's infamous status as America's poorest big city. "We know that Philadelphia is the poorest big city in the United States," said Octavia Howell, a researcher with Pew's Philadelphia Research Initiative and one of the study's lead authors.

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Crime: update: http://6abc.com/suspects-in-sp...

Crime: update: http://6abc.com/suspects-in-spring-garden-fathers-murder-face-judge/2652106/

    Suspects in Spring Garden father's murder face judge
    A Philadelphia courtroom was packed Wednesday as two murder suspects faced a judge. The two brothers are accused of killing a father in front of his young daughter in Spring Garden in September. It was an emotional hearing as graphic video of the shooting was played in private for the defendants and the judge.

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Crime: Police search for tow-truck driver wan...

Crime: Police search for tow-truck driver wanted for murder http://6abc.com/police-search-for-tow-truck-driver-wanted-for-murder/2653171/

    Police search for tow-truck driver wanted for murder
    Philadelphia Police are the hunt for Donnell Miller Jr., wanted for allegedly opening fire on Kyle Brantley. It happened around 2 a.m. Saturday, at the Parkside Sunoco Parking lot at the intersection of 52nd Street and Lancaster Avenue. Police said Brantley staggered to his pickup truck, then collapsed in the front seat as the truck rolled into a pole.

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On the Benjamin Franklin Parkway: https://phl...

On the Benjamin Franklin Parkway: https://phlevents.org/2017/11/15/marathon-weekend-road-closures/

    City Announces Road Closures for 2017 AACR Philadelphia Marathon Race Weekend, November 17 - 19
    Press Contact Only: Ajeenah Amir Ajeenah.amir@phila.gov 215-686-6210 Mark Wilgus mwilgus@spyrtecom.com 267-432-7065 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE City Announces Road Closures for 2017 AACR Philadelphia Marathon Race Weekend, November 17 - 19 PHILADELPHIA (November 16 - November 19, 2017) - City of Philadelphia officials would like to remind residents that streets will be closed in many parts of...

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Opinion: http://thephiladelphiacitizen.org/re...

Opinion: http://thephiladelphiacitizen.org/reality-check-who-really-won-this-election/

    Reality Check: Who Really Won This Election? - The Philadelphia Citizen
    Amid all the celebration in a post-Seth Williams world, where Philly just elected a social justice reformer as its top law enforcement official, let's not forget what else we saw last Tuesday: The city is still gripped in a voter turnout crisis.

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    Dog left for dead outside Philly rec center making strides
    Three weeks ago, his life was saved when random passersby noticed him laying amid a pile of trash near the Cobbs Creek Recreation Center. On Tuesday afternoon, though, Charlie excitedly wagged his tail as he approached a pair of visitors, greeting them with hello licks in a Philadelphia Animal Hospital examination room.

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    2017 Fairmount Food Fight
    2017 marks the 15th Annual year we celebrate the Art Museum Area's culinary offerings inside breath-taking Founders Hall at Girard College! Get your tickets today to enjoy one of Philly's most exciting foodie events inside one of Philly's most storied buildings. All proceeds from the event support neighborhood improvement projects, small business support, greening initiatives, and other community events.

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Opinion: Other people of color deserve protes...

Opinion: Other people of color deserve protests in the street besides Meek Mill | Solomon Jones http://www.philly.com/philly/columnists/solomon_jones/other-people-of-color-deserve-protests-in-the-street-besides-meek-mill-solomon-jones-20171114.html

    Other people of color deserve protests in the street besides Meek Mill | Solomon Jones
    Rapper Meek Mill sealed his own fate by violating his probation. Many black and brown people have done nothing wrong, yet we don't take to the streets to protest the wrongs against them. - Solomon Jones, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

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Pa. State Representative Donna represents, Br...

Pa. State Representative Donna represents, Brewerytown , Strawberry Mansion,Fairmount,Spring Garden,Fancisville and Mantua Pedestrian safety just became a bit easier in the 195th District. Excited to announce that the Philadelphia Streets Department has received a state grant to improve roadways, street lighting and traffic signals near the Philadelphia Art Museum. Learn more about the grant here: http://www.pahouse.com/Bullock/InTheNews/NewsRelease/?id=94443

    Bullock announces state funding to improve pedestrian safety in 195th District
    PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 15 - State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., today announced that state funding for the Philadelphia Streets Department has been approved by the Commonwealth Financing Authority.The Philadelphia Streets Department will receive a state grant in the amount of $436,340 to...

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    2 more women accuse Sheriff Jewell Williams of sexual harassment
    A second female employee has stepped forward to accuse Philadelphia Sheriff Jewell Williams of sexual misconduct, and state Democrats acknowledged this week that they paid a third woman $30,000 to settle her 2011 claim that Williams had harassed her when he was a state representative and she was his legislative aide.

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    Philadelphia bolsters effort to protect city government whistleblowers from retaliation
    Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is taking steps to ensure that city government whistleblowers have more protection from retaliation. City Inspector General Amy Kurland says city employees or contractors now have more leverage in the situation. She says, reporting a problem starts with a complaint within the proper agency, but now employees can get her office involved.

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Crime: https://trib.al/PVZK9XY

Crime: https://trib.al/PVZK9XY

    Feds: Philly officer sold drugs stolen by corrupt Baltimore police squad
    Prosecutors say that Eric Troy Snell, 33, earned thousands of dollars serving as a conduit between corrupt members of a Baltimore police task force who stole the drugs and his brother, who sold them in Philadelphia. Investigators also have accused Snell of threatening the children of a Baltimore officer who pleaded guilty in the case.

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    Amtrak reveals new designs for Station Plaza at 30th Street Station
    Amtrak just revealed its preferred design concept for its "grand civic space" at 30th Street Station, swapping out proposed circular paving patterns for circular benches and planters, instead. That, plus a big plan to improve traffic and pedestrian flow around the station.

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Opinion: Will the new school board reflect th...

Opinion: Will the new school board reflect the kids who go to Philly schools? | Opinion http://www.philly.com/philly/opinion/commentary/philadelphia-school-district-mayor-kenney-src-school-board-20171113.html

    Will the new school board reflect the kids who go to Philly schools? | Opinion
    Dear Mayor Kenney, We're not sure you saw us. We were sitting up in the balcony of the City Council Chambers when you laid out your vision for education in Philadelphia. Hopefully, you heard us.

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    Philly College Students Say Uber Driver Stranded Them at Deserted Construction Site
    The women claim they had a nightmarish experience that left them running for safety last week. Two students at Temple and Drexel universities say they had a nightmarish Uber rider earlier this month - and they're warning other Philly women to be cautious when using the app.

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Greater Brewerytown CDC added 2 new photos.

The Fox Theater, once located at 16th and Market Streets, seen here in 1978. The Fox opened its doors on November 26 th. 1923 and closed in March of 1980. One of the last Movies I saw there was "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", which was given a Red Carpet Premier during it's Christmas release in 1979. The Theater closed in March of 1980, all efforts to prevent the Theater's closure had failed, owners: the Milgram Co. claimed it would cost a Million Dollars just to restore the decorative plaster in the main Auditorium alone, which had been covered over with ornate drapery.

    Greater Brewerytown CDC
    Greater Brewerytown CDC. 518 likes · 82 talking about this · 338 were here. Non-profit community development organization

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More about show business than social justice ...

More about show business than social justice with celebrities present and with the fervor associated with someone going away on a life sentence: https://billypenn.com/2017/11/13/hundreds-rally-to-free-meek-mill-in-center-city/

    Hundreds rally to 'Free Meek Mill' in Center City
    Even Rick Ross showed up. It was a few minutes into the Meek Mill criminal justice reform rally when the former corrections officer turned superstar rapper made a surprise appearance, wearing a heavy black coat and his trademark sunglasses. "This feels personal," he said.

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Greater Brewerytown CDC shared Eastern State ...


    Philly Holiday Festival: Free Museum Day
    Explore America's most historic prison for free! Free Museum Day admission includes "The Voices of Eastern State" Audio Tour narrated by actor Steve...

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Nonprofits kept under fire in Senate GOP tax ...

Nonprofits kept under fire in Senate GOP tax plan http://www.philly.com/philly/business/nonprofits-kept-under-fire-in-senate-gop-tax-plan-20171113.html

    Nonprofits kept under fire in Senate GOP tax plan
    Like the House bill, the Senate proposal would impose a 20 percent tax on pay over $1 million at tax-exempt organizations, such as universities and health systems. The Senate plan would spare one type of bond used heavily by nonprofits, but would be eliminated under the House bill.

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    After a decades-long no-photo policy, the Barnes Foundation launches digital gallery
    Even boycotters of the Barnes Foundation can now look through the art gallery's expansive collection without stepping foot in the building. Last week the gallery announced more than 2,000 of its works are newly available to search and view through its new digital collection, organized to reflect the unique, idiosyncratic way the Barnes collection is arranged in house.

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AccuWeather: Damp Morning, Cool Afternoon htt...

AccuWeather: Damp Morning, Cool Afternoon http://6abc.com/weather/accuweather-damp-morning-cool-afternoon/49644/

    AccuWeather: Damp Morning, Cool Afternoon
    TODAY: Some morning rain will give way to mostly cloudy skies today. Winds are relatively light. The high is a chilly 48. TONIGHT: Skies clear and temperatures drop. The low is 34 in Philadelphia with some suburbs dipping into the mid to upper 20s.

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    Philly taking big bite out of unpaid property taxes
    With a name inspired by the First Amendment, 1A explores important issues such as policy, politics, technology, and what connects us across the fissures that divide the country. The program also delves into pop culture, sports, and humor. 1A's goal is to act as a national mirror-taking time to help America look at itself and to ask what it wants to be.

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Greater Brewerytown CDC shared Christmas Vill...


    Opening Weekend - Christmas Village in Philadelphia
    Come celebrate Opening Weekend at Christmas Village on November 25th and 26th! Our joyous holiday celebration is known for appearances by the Christkind...

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Crime: 1 dead, 2 injured in Hunting Park club...

Crime: 1 dead, 2 injured in Hunting Park club shooting http://6abc.com/1-dead-2-injured-in-hunting-park-club-shooting/2636562/

    1 dead, 2 injured in Hunting Park club shooting
    Live Broadcast WATCH NOW WATCH LIVE An early morning gun battle in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia has left one man dead and two others wounded, including the suspect. It happened around 4 a.m. Sunday outside the A Lounge and Social Club on the 4200 block of Macalester Street.

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    A Secret of Many Urban 20-Somethings: Their Parents Help With the Rent
    Almost half of people in their early 20s have a secret, one they don't usually share even with friends: Their parents help them pay the rent. Moving into adulthood has never been easy, but America's rapidly changing labor market is making it harder to find economic security at a young age.


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