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Good evening! The weather will be pretty quie...

Good evening! The weather will be pretty quiet this weekend with more sunshine on the way for Saturday and highs generally in the 40s. Enjoy! For the latest forecast information specific to you location, please visit weather.gov/phi and enter your city or zip code in the upper left.


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Skywarn Training Class now available in Strou...

Skywarn Training Class now available in Stroudsburg, PA (Monroe County). Register at: weather.gov/phi/classes Questions? Email: phi.skywarn@noaa.gov

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It has been a snowy March this year, bringing...

It has been a snowy March this year, bringing our four official locations into their top 5 snowiest Marches on record. Check out the numbers...

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Although the calendar has turned to Spring, i...

Although the calendar has turned to Spring, it certainly has not felt that way! Springtime snow is not unusual for the region. Below is a list of the Top 10 Snowfall totals for the area from March 19 through April 30. We're not out of the woods yet!

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Here is a map of snowfall reports from March ...

Here is a map of snowfall reports from March 20-22, 2018. A text listing can be found at https://bit.ly/2G4JDMm Thank you very much to all who provided reports!

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Good Thursday Morning! Be safe this morning a...

Good Thursday Morning! Be safe this morning as some roads could still be slippery, and there are still some flurries and snow showers around early. Temperatures will rise into the lower 40's this afternoon across much of the region, allowing for some melting to occur. However, it will feel colder due to a brisk northwesterly wind. We would like to thank everyone who has sent us snowfall reports. We appreciate it very much, and if you have a final snowfall measurement feel free to post it here (don't forget to include your town/city). Thank you!

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    1924 S HICKS ST Issued March 20, 2018 Comment


    2049 S CLEVELAND ST Issued March 20, 2018 Comment


    1440 SNYDER AVE Issued March 20, 2018 Comment

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It saddens me to write this because mother na...

It saddens me to write this because mother nature is showing us who's really in charge.Due to inclement weather we will be postponing this event to a later date. We will be announcing the new date on Friday.Please blame mother nature, she is the leading suspect. The school just informed us.Have no fear , this event will happen.Please spread the word.

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***3PM Storm Update*** Good afternoon! Attac...

***3PM Storm Update*** Good afternoon! Attached is our latest forecast for additional snowfall after 2 PM this afternoon. This does not include snow that fell before then. For the latest forecast information specific to your location, please visit weather.gov/phi and enter your city or zip code in the upper left.

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Point Breeze Community Development Corporatio...

Any bike riders out there? Join the 17th Police District Advisory Council and PPD South Division Officers and Leaders (1st, 3rd and 17th Police Districts) for our first annual memorial bike ride to honor our officers killed in the line of duty throughout South Philadelphia. The ride is a $20 donation to the PDAC and Police Memorial fund, and comes with BBQ lunch and a 1st Annual South Division Memorial Ride tshirt. 9am at the NW corner of Chews Playground.

    1st Annual South Division Memorial Bike Ride
    Join the 1st, 3rd and 17th Police District Advisory Council, as well as officers from throughout the Philadelphia Police Department's South Division for...

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***1130 AM Update*** *Firstly, how much snow...

***1130 AM Update*** *Firstly, how much snow have you seen where you are? Please include your location and time of measurement in your report. This will now be our primary thread for posting reports so please post them here and many thanks to all the reports so far! *As for the storm....transition from rain and mixed precipitation to snow continues at this hour over the Delmarva into southern New Jersey. The attached graphic is our latest snowfall forecast from 8 AM this morning through when the storm ends overnight. No major changes...jackpot will likely be a stretch running from just north of Philadelphia across Chester, Montgomery Counties running eastward into parts of central NJ. *Snow will occur in bands of varying intensity...at times not snowing very heavily but then quickly picking up in intensity. If you must travel, please be aware of this and use extra caution! *For the latest forecast details specific to your location, please visit weather.gov/phi and enter your city or zip code in the upper left.

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Good morning NWS Mount Holly FB followers and...

Good morning NWS Mount Holly FB followers and visitors to NJ e PA DE e MD. Major winter storm developing this morning with heaviest snowfall accums/rates this afternoon and evening. This map of fcst snowfall is from 8AM today to 8 AM Thursday and does not account for the mixed mess of wintry elements occurring prior to 8AM today. Follow the advice of local officials and if you don't have to travel later today in NJ and e PA especially, please don't. We continue to request your glaze, sleet and snowfall accumulations and any associated power related outages here. A formal briefing package will supersede this post toward 6 AM. Thank you.

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Get ready for the citywide Spring Clean Up, o...

Get ready for the citywide Spring Clean Up, on Saturday, April 7! This is a fun way to tidy up our neighborhood. It’s easy to participate: Come to Guerin Rec Center, 2201 S. 16th Street at 9 a.m. We supply brooms, bags, gloves, etc. Clean your own block or join a crew that sweeps areas around the rec center. More details at our next meeting, Monday March 26, 7 p.m. at Guerin Rec Center.

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Good evening. Please submit all snow, sleet,...

Good evening. Please submit all snow, sleet, and freezing rain reports for the winter storm to this thread. Time and location essential; photo always appreciated.


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Here is a link to the latest briefing package...

Here is a link to the latest briefing package for the winter storm. Only minor adjustments have been made this afternoon. Please share any snowfall or damage reports with us. Thanks! #pawx #njwx #dewx #mdwx http://ht.ly/RV7g30j3Zgr


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Good day neighbors! As you are shoveling ton...

Good day neighbors! As you are shoveling tonight, contemplating your role in the community, as you all surely do, why not think about what you can do to participate in the 2018 Philly Spring Clean Up! The clean up is scheduled for April 7, and most people participate in the morning hours. Some info: A) If you'd like to register your block or a vacant lot, you can do that on the Streets Department website. By Registering, you make your project visible to other neighbors looking for something to get involved with. And, you get free supplies from the city, like brooms, rakes and most importantly: BAGS ** If you register a project, feel free to post it here for other near neighbors to see! Before and after photos get major likes. ** PROJECT SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE FRIDAY, MARCH 23!! B) If you don't have a project, you can look for on the Streets website for one near you. If you don't see one, refer to point A C) Streets will be around on that Saturday afternoon to take away bags upon bags of trash, as well as debris from alleys and lots. D) If you don't have a project, and you don't want to find one, by golly, grab a broom and a bag and just git out there! E) Watch this space for more news about special treats from East Point Breeze Neighbors for Cleaners and Greeners on April 7! http://www.philadelphiastreets.com/philly-spring-cleanup/

    Philadelphia Streets:
    Spring has sprung and the cleaning season has begun. The 11th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup will be held on Saturday, April 7th. With your help, we've managed to make each of the last ten years bigger and better than the last. Let's make it a clean sweep!

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    1615-17 MCKEAN ST Issued March 16, 2018 Comment


    2049 S CLEVELAND ST Issued March 16, 2018 Comment


    2049 S CLEVELAND ST Issued March 16, 2018 Comment

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Good Tuesday morning everyone! The fourth coa...

Good Tuesday morning everyone! The fourth coastal storm in as many weeks is still on track to bring major winter weather to our area through the next 48 hours. The most significant snow accumulations and impacts are expected during the day Wednesday, but hazardous travel conditions are also possible later today and overnight. You can find our latest briefing package at https://www.weather.gov/media/phi/current_briefing.pdf The latest snow and ice accumulation forecasts are available at www.weather.gov/phi/winter For the latest detailed forecast for your location, visit www.weather.gov/phi and enter your city, ST or zip code in the upper left corner. We would appreciate any reports of precipitation type, snow, sleet, and ice amounts as the precipitation moves in later today. Feel free to post those here. By the way, today is the vernal equinox. So warmer weather can't be too far behind, right?!


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Here is the latest briefing package for the u...

Here is the latest briefing package for the upcoming Nor'easter. The link to the pdf on our website is : http://bit.ly/2p4pbnv


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Philadelphia Public Schools Directory of Supp...

Philadelphia Public Schools Directory of Support and Outreach Groups Please let us know of any changes, and to add a school provide us with: - Name - Address - Neighborhood - Websites Adaire Alexander Elementary 1300 E Palmer St, Philadelphia, PA 19125 Fishtown https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-Adaire/547682035304445?fref=ts http://friendsofadaire.weebly.com/ Chester A. Arthur 2000 Catharine St, Philadelphia, PA Graduate Hospital https://www.facebook.com/friendsofchesterarthur http://www.friendsofchesterarthur.org/ Bache-Martin School 2201 Brown St, Philadelphia, PA 19130 Fairmount http://www.thepowerofbachemartin.com/ https://www.facebook.com/bachemartinHSA/timeline https://www.facebook.com/BacheMartinFriends/ www.friendsofbachemartin.org Bregy Elementary 1700 Bigler St, Philadelphia, PA 19145 South Philly, near Broad and Oregon (215) 952-6218 H.A. Brown 1946 E Sergeant St, Philadelphia, PA 19125 Fishtown/Port Richmond https://www.facebook.com/friendsofhabrown Laura H. Carnell Elementary 1100 Devereaux Ave Philadelphia, PA 19111 https://www.facebook.com/parentsofcarnell/ George W. Childs School 1599 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19146 Point Breeze https://www.facebook.com/NICEPhilly http://www.nicephilly.org/ James Dobson Elementary School 4667 Umbria Street Philadelphia, PA 19127 Manayunk/Roxborough Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dobson-School-645/188967714514272?sk=info&tab=overview HSA Website: http://jamesdobsonhsa.com/ Girard Elementary 1800 Snyder Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19145 West Passyunk https://www.facebook.com/FriendsofGirard Greenfield Elementary School 2200 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 Rittenhouse/Fitler Square/Center City West Greenfield's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Greenfield-Home-and-School-Association/149788028495176?fref=ts Hackett Horatio B School 2161 E York St, Philadelphia, PA 19125 Kensington https://www.facebook.com/friendsofhackett www.friendsofhackett.org Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School 201 East Salaignac Street, Philadelphia, PA 19128 Roxborough/Manayunk/Wissahickon http://cookwissahickonhsa.com/ http://webgui.phila.k12.pa.us/schools/c/cookwissahickon Twitter @CookWissHSA CW Henry School 601 Carpenter Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19119 Mt. Airy https://www.facebook.com/cwhenrypta http://www.cwhenrypta.org/ Friends of Neighborhood Education - FONE www.philaFONE.org www.facebook.com/philaFONE Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP) 2136 W. Ritner St. Philadelphia, PA 19145 Phone: (215) 952 - 8589 Fax: (215) 952 - 6544 [Website under construction] Philadelphia Home and School (HSA) Council https://www.facebook.com/groups/philahsc/ https://www.philadelphiahsc.org/ Henry Houston 7300 Rural Lane, Philadelphia PA 19119 Mt. Airy https://www.facebook.com/pages/Home-and-School-for-Houston-Elementary/1563008557251759 http://www.houstonnation.org/ Andrew Jackson School 1213 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 East Passyunk https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-Jackson-School/382621108419749?fref=ts Jackson Art Program: https://www.facebook.com/AndrewJacksonArt HSA: https://www.facebook.com/AndrewJacksonHomeAndSchool JS Jenks School 8301 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia PA 19118 Chestnut Hill J.S. Jenks (Friends of J.S. Jenks) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfJsJenks friendsofjsjenks.org https://www.facebook.com/pages/JS-Jenks-Elementary-School-Chestnut-Hill/240052656565 jsjenks.org AS Jenks 2501 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148 South Philly/LoMo https://m.facebook.com/pages/AS-Jenks-Home-and-School-Association/123900847707562 Kearny Elementary School 601 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123 Northern Liberties https://www.facebook.com/kearnyfriends Eliza B. Kirkbride Elementary School 1501 South 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147 South Philly: Pennsport/Passyunk Square/Dickinson Square West https://www.facebook.com/Kirkbride.Elementary https://twitter.com/KirkbridePHL Lea Elementary School 4700 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19139 West Philly https://www.facebook.com/groups/128138487261714/ West Philly Coalition for Neighborhood Schools website:www.westphillyschools.org Lingelbach Elementary School Wayne Avenue & Johnson Streets, Philadelphia PA 19144 https://www.facebook.com/FriendsofLingelbach/ HSA Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/407632132685836/ HSA website: http://www.lingelbachhsa.org/ A.M.Y. at James Martin 3380 Richmond Street Philadelphia PA 19134 Phone: 215.291.4172 http://webgui.phila.k12.pa.us/schoo…/a/amy-5-at-james-martin McCall Elementary 325 South 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 Society Hill/Washington Square West HSA: http://www.mccallschool.org McCall's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FriendsOfMcCall/ Meredith Elementary 725 South 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147 Queen Village/Bella Vista HSA: http://meredithmatters.org/ Meredith's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/William.M.Meredith Mifflin Elementary 3624 Conrad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19129 East Falls https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfMifflin Moffet Elementary 127 W Oxford St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 Kensington 215-291-4721 https://www.facebook.com/FriendsofMoffet Nebinger Elementary 601 Carpenter St. Philadelphia, PA 19147 Queen Village https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfNebinger https://www.facebook.com/Nebinger-Music-145996322409406/ Penn Treaty School (grades 6-12) 600 E Thompson St, Philadelphia, PA 19125 215-291-4715 Fishtown, Kensington, Port Richmond https://www.facebook.com/groups/friendsofpenntreatyschool https://twitter.com/friendsofpts https://www.facebook.com/groups/friendsofpenntreatyschool Powel Elementary 301 N 36th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104 West Philly HSA website: http://powelhsa.org/ https://www.facebook.com/PowelHSA Roxborough High School 6498 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19128 Roxborough/Manayunk Parent's Group: https://sites.google.com/view/rhs-home-school-association/home https://roxboroughhs.philasd.org/ The School District of Philadelphia School Directory https://www.philasd.org/directory/school-directory/ Sharswood Elementary School 2300 S. 2nd Street 215-952-6212 South Philly/Whitman/Pennsport https://www.facebook.com/friendsofsharswood Shawmont Elementary 535 Shawmont Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128 Roxborough-Manayunk https://www.facebook.com/ShawmontHSA Southwark Elementary 1835 S. 9th St. Philadelphia, PA 19148. East Passyunk/South Philly https://www.facebook.com/FriendsofSouthwark/ http://www.epcrossing.org/committees/education-committee/ Little Friends Group: https://www.facebook.com/littlefriendsofsouthwark Stanton Elementary 901 S. 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146 Graduate Hospital/Newbold/Point Breeze Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/EmStantonElementarySchool Stanton Community Partners Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/StantonCommunityPartners Website: www.stantonpartners.org Bayard Taylor School 3698 N. Randolph St. Philadelphia, PA 19140 Phone: (215)227-4435 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bayard-Taylor-School Vare-Washington School 1198 S. 5th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 South Philly/Pennsport www.facebook.com/friendsofvarewashington friendsofvarewashington@gmail.com Laura Wheeler Waring School (K-8) 1801 Green Street Philadelphia PA 19130 friendsofwaring.weebly.com https://www.facebook.com/friendsofwaring

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Here is the latest official snowfall forecast...

Here is the latest official snowfall forecast and low-/high-end probability scenarios for the upcoming coastal storm. This will be a long duration event starting in our southern areas late tonight and continuing into Wednesday as it will come in two waves. However, there is growing concern for more substantial snowfall and higher impacts to the region, including travel hazards, coastal flooding and more power outages, with the second wave on Wednesday. However, there is still high uncertainty with the track of the storm, especially for Wednesday (this is why we are emphasizing the different scenarios).

5 days ago

We are expecting another mostly clear and col...

We are expecting another mostly clear and cold night as we head into the last full day of winter on Monday. #pawx #mdwx #dewx #njwx

5 days ago

Good morning! We are continuing to monitor a...

Good morning! We are continuing to monitor a coastal storm system that will likely affect the area beginning Monday night and potentially last right through Wednesday. While there is still a lot of uncertainty in the details of this system, indications are it may come in two separate waves, the first arriving Monday night into Tuesday morning and the second arriving Tuesday night into Wednesday. The track and evolution of the system will determine precipitation types and amounts as temperatures will be marginally cold. However the system does have the potential to bring heavy wet snow, strong winds, and even the possibility of some coastal flooding. Below are the highlights: *Snowfall: Highest threat for several inches of accumulating snowfall with the first wave currently looks to be near and north of the Mason-Dixon line -> southeast Pennsylvania extending into central and southern New Jersey south into northern parts of the Delmarva. *Winds: Strongest winds along Atlantic coastal sections of New Jersey and Delaware where NE winds may reach 20 to 30 mph with gusts over 40 mph. *Timing: First wave arrives Monday night lasting through Tuesday morning with mainly wet snow near and north of the Mason - Dixon line and mainly rain farther south over the southern Delmarva. There may be a brief break before a second wave potentially affects the area Tuesday night into Wednesday with more snow possible. *Impacts: Heavy wet snow could result in reduced visibility, slippery travel due to snow covered roads, and power outages if enough accumulates on tree limbs and wires. Biggest impacts currently look to be for the Tuesday morning commute and possibly again for Wednesday. *Confidence of occurrence: Moderate confidence storm will impact parts of the area with at least some snow Monday night into Tuesday but low confidence on amounts. Low confidence on second part of system potentially arriving for Tuesday night into Wednesday. The attached graphics show expected snowfall for the period Monday night through Wednesday. For further details regarding snowfall probabilities please visit: weather.gov/phi/winter Note: Our snowfall forecasts will extend through Wednesday with the next forecast package this afternoon. *For forecast details specific to your location, please visit weather.gov/phi and enter your city or zip code in the upper left.

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Unity In The Community added 3 new photos.

We are teaming up with the Urban Affairs Coalition again this year to assist the youth in our community with signing up for Summer Jobs in three different locations.We are looking for volunteers to join us in helping the young people fill out the applications.We will be hosting the sessions at the Dixon House , the Wilson Park Boys and Girls Club and Universal Audenreid High School.The only way can decrease the violence in our communities is by giving our young people something to look forward to.

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Good morning! We want to give an update on th...

Good morning! We want to give an update on the storm threat for the middle of next week (Monday night into Wednesday time frame). The very latest forecast guidance takes the storm a little farther south and east which lowers the probability of significant impacts over the area compared to previous thinking. That said, we are still a few days away so there is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast. For this reason it is too soon to dismiss the threat of heavy rain, wet snow, and coastal flooding as the storm track could still shift northward again toward the region. Stay tuned! For the latest forecast details specific to your location, please visit weather.gov/phi and enter your city or zip code in the upper left.


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