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Tokens will be going away. On Monday, SEPTA will stop selling them at subway stations. Better get ready! http://planphilly.com/articles/2018/01/17/answers-for-all-your-septa-key-questions

    Answers for all your SEPTA Key questions
    On Monday, SEPTA will stop selling tokens at subway stations, taking a long-awaited leap forward in the neverending game of hopscotch that is the rollout of its new fare payment system, SEPTA Key. The end of station token sales represents a significant first step towards scrapping the fare coins entirely in 2019, a full five years after their original retirement date.

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Notes from RCO Meeting re 6415 Vine Street

Here are the notes from our last RCO session. We voted to support the zoning variance request for 6415 Vine Street.

Dec 16

HMC2 RCO Meeting Notes

In case you missed the meeting, here are the notes. The community voted to support both requests for zoning variances. The projects are at 519 N 62nd Street and 4971 Kershaw Street.

Dec 16

    Power Up Your Business | Community College of Philadelphia
    Building from these experiences, the College will focus on commercial corridor and other neighborhood-based businesses that define our communities across the city. As an institution with three neighborhood-based Regional Centers and a central Main Campus, the College is in a unique position to serve Philadelphia's small business community.

Dec 05


Stop it now. I believe you have done enough to hurt the African Americans homeowners by restoring/renovating, or buying property and charging and exorbitant amount to rent or purchase said property. You have medical buildings everywhere throughout the city, and i for one see exactly what you are doing. You have no shame or equality built in our your method(s).

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