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    Philly parking amnesty helped thousands of scofflaws but raised little or no revenue for city
    The long lines of parking violators seeking clemency at the Philadelphia Parking Authority's Filbert Street offices have cleared, but three weeks after the ticket amnesty program officially ended, its value remains a matter of debate.

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A new yoga studio is opening in Fairmount thi...

A new yoga studio is opening in Fairmount this June!

    Fairmount Is Getting a Brand-New Barre and Yoga Studio
    Lumos Yoga & Barre is slated to open in Philadelphia in early June. Unlike some Philly neighborhoods (read: Rittenhouse), Fairmount isn't currently packed to the gills with boutique fitness studios. Personal trainers and group training studios you can find - but when it comes to barre, you don't have a ton of options.

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New bikes lanes coming to Fairmount Park and ...

New bikes lanes coming to Fairmount Park and West Philly; however, it's still a question if a physical buffer to protect cyclists will be implemented. What do you think? Buffer or not?

    New bike lanes coming to Fairmount Park and West Philly
    Just in time for spring: new bike lanes in Fairmount Park and the Parkside neighborhood of West Philadelphia. The City Council is now considering the long-awaited extension of an existing lane on Parkside Avenue and new lanes in Fairmount Park to allow an easier connection for riders headed downtown via Martin Luther King Drive.

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We were delighted to host these costumers at ...

We were delighted to host these costumers at Historic Strawberry Mansion for their Georgian Picnic! (📸 SewLoud)

    Historic Strawberry Mansion
    We were delighted to host these costumers at Historic Strawberry Mansion for their Georgian Picnic! (📸 SewLoud)

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Crime: 'Jealous' bloodshed: Woman pregnant wi...

Crime: 'Jealous' bloodshed: Woman pregnant with twins is shot on her wedding day, her father is critically injured http://www.philly.com/philly/news/crime/pregnant-woman-father-shot-hadfield-street-southwest-philadelphia-20180521.html

    'Jealous' bloodshed: Woman pregnant with twins is shot on her wedding day, her father is critically injured
    A Southwest Philadelphia woman pregnant with twins was shot outside her home Sunday night on the day she got married. Her father was also shot after he tried to protect her, police said. Police believe the shooters were part of a group that went to the home with the woman's husband's ex-wife, who a police supervisor believed was jealous.

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    RIP Robert Indiana: A brief history of the LOVE sculpture in Philly
    The world lost one of its most memorable pop artists on Saturday, when Robert Indiana died at the age of 89 at his home in Vinalhaven, Me., according to multiple reports.

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Commercial Robbery 300 N 63rd St DC 18 19 040146

Homicide 1900 N 25th St DC 16 22 092529 - Duration: 1:38. PhiladelphiaPolice 25,464 views

This article has 13 other Philadelphia locations (Show)

Commercial Robbery 300 N 63rd St DC 18 19 040146

Homicide 1800 W Oxford Ave DC 18 22 018239 - Duration: 2:02. PhiladelphiaPolice 6,520 views

Aggravated Assaut Shooting 4401 N 5th St DC# 13 25 075033 - Duration: 2:35. PhiladelphiaPolice 41,070 views

Shooting 3100 N 6th St DC 15 25 029442 - Duration: 2:29. PhiladelphiaPolice 10,345 views

Aggravated Assault 6757 N 5th St DC 17 35 090484 - Duration: 2:51. 6,946 views

Robbery Shooting 7228 Ogontz Ave DC#13 14 064873 - Duration: 3:28. PhiladelphiaPolice 165,181 views

Shooting Incident 1800 E Orleans St DC 15 24 091334 - Duration: 1:54. PhiladelphiaPolice 281,508 views

Shooting 58 W Girard Ave DC# 15 26 000402 - Duration: 1:19. PhiladelphiaPolice 468,215 views

Homicide 2400 South 63rd Street DC# 13 12 074248 - Duration: 1:22. PhiladelphiaPolice 9,788 views

Shooting 2000 S 21st St DC 16 01 035150 - Duration: 1:51. PhiladelphiaPolice 19,995 views

Citizens Bank Robbery 10650 Bustleton Ave DC 15 07 019724 - Duration: 2:04. PhiladelphiaPolice 4,888 views

Homicide 4700 Hoopes St DC 18 16 018133 - Duration: 1:13. 1,357 views

Robbery 100 N 22nd St DC 17 09 006707 - Duration: 2:20. PhiladelphiaPolice 983 views

    Commercial Robbery 300 N 63rd St DC 18 19 040146
    On May 18, 2018, at 7:43 pm, an unknown black male entered Walgreens located at 300 North 63rd Street in West Philadelphia armed with a handgun demanding money. After taking nearly $700 the suspect fled in an unknown direction. There were no injuries reported during this incident.

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    Lawsuit tied to fatal N. Philly boarding house blaze adds to landlord's legal, financial woes
    In a wrongful death suit, the family of three people killed in a March fire at an illegal boarding house in North Philadelphia is seeking more than $100,000 in damages against the building's landlord, Tyrone Duren, and his business, Granite Hill Properties.

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    PA Ballet Swings Wrecking Ball At North Broad Landmark
    North Broad Street is humming with adaptive reuse projects in various stages of progress. The list of historic building renovations now complete or currently underway is growing and signals long-awaited reinvestment in weary Callowhill. It also presents a glimmer of hope for preserving history and culture in a city beleaguered by unchecked architectural destruction.

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    Soda tax may not be the only school-funding loss if new Pa. House Bill passes | Opinion
    Darrell Clarke: I urge every Pennsylvanian who supports universal pre-K, as well as local solutions to address enormous challenges like generational poverty, to contact their representatives in the General Assembly and urge a NO vote on HB 2214. - Darrell L. Clarke, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

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    Inside the Philly courtroom where you're not allowed to speak
    Philly parents have been protesting to seek the removal of Lyris Younge, a Family Court judge who has faced blistering criticism and reversals from state appellate court for violating due process and who is reportedly the subject of a probe by the state Judicial Conduct Board.

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Check out this list of tasty treats!

Check out this list of tasty treats!

    The 11 Best Desserts in Philly, According to JBF Rising Star Camille Cogswell
    You might need to plan several trips.

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Brewerytown Garden shared Public Interest Law...

    An Ancient Gardening Tool: Putting Adverse Possession to Modern Use | The Legal Intelligencer
    Lean Adviser Legal Think Lean Daily Message "Soon enough being Lean becomes more than an act, it became an operational habit, and then it can become your personal business philosophy." Visit Lean Adviser Lean Adviser Legal Think Lean Daily Message "Soon enough being Lean becomes more than an act, it became an operational habit, and then it can become your personal business philosophy."

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The fact that City Hall was constructed in a ...

The fact that City Hall was constructed in a residential neighborhood still amazes me. This photo depicts the various properties that surrounded City Hall at the time. They included houses and apartment buildings. This became a commercial area shorty after City Hall was completed. Construction started in 1871 and was completed by 1901. It took 30 to construct City Hall and by the time it was finished it was out of style and over budget at $24 million dollars. This photo was taken in 1881. Can you imagine 30 years of noise and dust from somebody constructing the tallest and largest building in the world, right in your neighborhood? It was the tallest building in the world at one time. At 548 ft, including the statue of city founder William Penn atop its tower, City Hall was the tallest habitable building in the world from 1894 to 1908. It remained the tallest in Pennsylvania until it was surpassed in 1932 by the Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh. It was the tallest in Philadelphia until 1986 when the construction of One Liberty Place surpassed it, ending the informal gentlemen's agreement that had limited the height of buildings in the city to no higher than the Penn statue. It was also the first secular building to have this distinction, as all previous world's tallest buildings were religious structures, including European cathedrals and for the previous 3,800 years the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    Greater Brewerytown CDC
    The fact that City Hall was constructed in a residential neighborhood still amazes me. This photo depicts the various properties that surrounded City Hall at the time. They included houses and...

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Crime: http://6abc.com/newlywed-pregnant-woma...

Crime: http://6abc.com/newlywed-pregnant-woman-father-shot-in-sw-philadelphia/3501431/

    Newlywed pregnant woman, father shot in SW Philadelphia
    Police are investigating a shooting in Southwest Philadelphia that left a father and his daughter, who is pregnant with twins and was just married earlier in the day, seriously wounded. Police were called shortly before 10:30 p.m. Sunday after gunfire erupted in the 5800 block of Hadfield Street.

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    This Pa. House bill would prevent local solutions to local problems | Opinion
    On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is expected to give second consideration to a measure that should be of concern to every municipality in the Commonwealth -- particularly cities and towns that try to find solutions to their own challenges, without seeking help from Harrisburg. Legislation (HB2241) sponsored by Rep.

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    Need to appeal your Philly property assessment? Here's how, step by step
    Your 2019 proposed reassessment, came with a "First Level Review" form. Send it in! It's the first step to have your assessment reviewed. You don't need a lawyer to send in the form, due by May 25. - Erin Arvedlund, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

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    Philly's Embassy Suites has locked its signature balconies
    Updated 9:30 a.m. Guests hoping for breath of fresh air during their stay at the Embassy Suites Philadelphia Center City are in for a disappointment. Guest room balconies - a defining feature of the circular, all-suites tower just off Philly's tree-lined Benjamin Franklin Parkway - are no longer accessible.

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    A familiar Philly development dilemma hits Mount Airy
    "The ritzier sections of Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy look pretty much the way they did 50 years ago...until now," writes the Philadelphia Inquirer's Inga Saffron. With two completed mid-rise apartment buildings on Germantown Avenue and several more in development, Mount Airy's commercial district has benefited from new shops and a fresh supply of younger residents and millennial families.

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Greater Brewerytown CDC shared philly.com's p...


    What we can learn from low Pa. primary election turnout, and why it matters that just 1 in 6 Philly voters showed up
    Turnout in Tuesday's primary election was lower in the city than in the rest of the state. Experts cited many reasons for that, and a resultant problem: Uneven voting makes for uneven representation. - Jonathan Lai, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

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Crime: http://6abc.com/arrest-warrant-issued-...

Crime: http://6abc.com/arrest-warrant-issued-for-fake-dj-who-claimed-to-know-alicia-keys/3499067/

    Arrest warrant issued for fake DJ who claimed to know Alicia Keys
    An arrest warrant has been issued for a man police say claimed to be a DJ for singer Alicia Keys to gain entry to several Philadelphia area schools. Investigators are now searching for 23-year-old Jerez Stone-Coleman of Brentwood, Maryland.

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    1 in 3 Philly students doesn't graduate on time. To fix that, high schools focus on freshmen
    For the Philadelphia School District, ninth grade academies are an area of focus and a planned $7.2 million investment next school year. Kensington High is in its second year of the model, and it has made a big difference, educators say.

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    Criminal justice explainer: How bail works in Philadelphia
    Wander into room B-08 in the basement of the Juanita Kidd Stout Center for Criminal Justice and you'll find a scene that looks like it could have come from a dystopian fantasy. You'll see a courtroom, sealed off from a spectator's gallery by a soundproof glass wall.

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    New bill would protect neighborhood groups from lawsuit-happy developers
    City Councilman Bobby Henon has introduced a bill that would make city funds for insurance available to all registered community groups that hold zoning meetings regarding new development projects in their neighborhoods.

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Opinion : https://www.citylab.com/equity/2018...

Opinion : https://www.citylab.com/equity/2018/05/is-housing-americas-next-big-political-issue/560378/?utm_source=citylab-daily&silverid=MzEwMTkyMjYwMTYzS0

    The American Housing Crisis Might Be Our Next Big Political Issue
    Several new advocacy groups have sprung up to push for better housing policies at the state and national level. Their first job: Communicating how significant the problem really is. The advertising executive Michael Franzini, founder of the nonprofit ad agency Public Interest, has created campaigns to fight AIDS, spur Holocaust awareness, and advocate for STEM education.

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    Lost in Committee: State Government Committee strongly partisan under Metcalfe
    In April, Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler County, took to Facebook to express his displeasure with several of his counterparts. Along with calling a fellow house member a "lying homosexual," Metcalfe said he uses a partisan approach to chairing the House State Government Committee.

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'Tis the season and mark your calendar for en...

'Tis the season and mark your calendar for endless fun with beer, barbecue and games!

    It's Back! Parks on Tap Traveling Beer Garden to Pop Up at 20+ Philly Parks
    Good times are on tap, Philly. Parks on Tap has returned for its third and longest-ever season of bringing alfresco food and drinks to a different Philadelphia park every week. This spring, summer and fall, the uber-popular Parks on Tap brings barbecue and beer to 23 different Philadelphia parks, including Azalea Garden (the season opener!), Belmont Plateau, Schuylkill Banks, FDR Park, Clark Park and many more.

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Admission is free today as we wrap up #LoveYo...

Admission is free today as we wrap up #LoveYourPark week! After you visit Historic Strawberry Mansion, make sure to explore more of the Park Charms: The Historic Houses of Fairmount Park.

    Historic Strawberry Mansion
    Admission is free today as we wrap up #LoveYourPark week! After you visit Historic Strawberry Mansion, make sure to explore more of the Park Charms: The Historic Houses of Fairmount Park.

2 days ago

2 days ago



    Pa. House Republicans grapple with harassment, point a finger at Dems
    State House Republicans are increasing Representative Nick Miccarelli's punishment after deciding his actions constitute retaliation against two women who accused him of physical and sexual abuse - fellow GOP representative Tarah Toohil and another woman who has remained anonymous. However, they're not moving to expel Miccarelli.

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    Search our Job Opportunities at TARGET
    Search for available job openings at TARGET

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Who doesn't love an adventure or stroll throu...

Who doesn't love an adventure or stroll through the park? Check out some of the hidden gems of Fairmount Park!

    17 hidden gems of Fairmount Park, mapped
    Clocking in at 2,054 acres, Fairmount Park offers a lot of ground to cover. There are the usual haunts, like Boathouse Row and the many historic mansions that dot the park's landscape. But there are plenty more spots, from gardens to sculptures to architectural gems, that are a bit more off the beaten path, yet very much worth the visit.

3 days ago

Try something new with a twist of nostalgia a...

Try something new with a twist of nostalgia and check out the new and improved staples of Fairmount!!

    Fairmount landmarks Bridgid's and Rembrandt's coming back
    Two Fairmount landmarks are on their way back. Reopening May 16 is Bridgid's at 24th and Meredith Streets, under new owner Jose Vargas. Chris Ryan, who opened it 29 years ago, closed it in February and sold the bricks to a partnership. Vargas says he will maintain the name and the general neighborhood-bar ambiance.

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    City Council passes smoking ban, proposes higher fines for absentee landlords
    Certain Philadelphia bus stops will become smoke-free zones. On Thursday, the City Council passed legislation banning smoking at those SEPTA bus stops that have a roof and at least one enclosed side. The new legislation complements smoking bans already in effect inside SEPTA-owned vehicles, commuter rails and transit stations and terminals, except in areas where smoking is designated.

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Crime: http://www.phillyvoice.com/us-marshals...

Crime: http://www.phillyvoice.com/us-marshals-issue-10-most-wanted-murder-fugitives-philadelphia/

    U.S. Marshals issue '10 Most Wanted Murder Fugitives' list in Philadelphia
    The U.S. Marshals Service is seeking the public's help in locating its "10 Most Wanted" murder fugitives in the Philadelphia area. The agency's Eastern Pennsylvania Violent Crime Fugitive Task Force said cash rewards available for anyone with information that leads directly to the arrest of these 10 fugitives, all of whom have active felony warrants for murder.

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    As treasurer tracks down $27M, Domb calls for annual outside audit of city's finances - Philadelphia Business Journal
    Councilman at-Large Allan Domb wants a Big Four accounting firm to conduct an annual internal audit of the city's finances, but the City Controller says that's an unnecessary step. Instead what's needed is better follow-through by the Philadelphia mayor and finance director, she said.

3 days ago

If you know a young lady between the ages of ...

If you know a young lady between the ages of 13-18 years old, who is looking to develop and sharpen her personal/professional skills this summer, you'll want to check out this great program by The Evoluer House. Register today for this FREE program: it runs July 9-August 31! http://www.evoluerhouse.org/registration2018

    Greater Brewerytown CDC
    If you know a young lady between the ages of 13-18 years old, who is looking to develop and sharpen her personal/professional skills this summer, you'll want to check out this great program by The...

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    Bikes vs. cars vs. pedestrians: How Philly can win the transportation culture war | Opinion
    Driving home from a barbecue in Mount Airy last Saturday, my wife and I turned north off of Spring Garden with the rest of the eastbound traffic. The squad cars and flashing lights indicated something terrible had happened.

4 days ago

No plans this weekend? Check out this list of...

No plans this weekend? Check out this list of fun activities to do around the city!

    Weekend Action: Things to do around the region - May 18-20
    Karen Rogers zips around the region highlighting some top weekend activities for all ages. FREE ADMISSION TO INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM DAY Check out a museum for free on International Museum Day. Several museums in our area are participating in the event Friday.

4 days ago

Opinion: Philly can't count on HUD's Ben Cars...

Opinion: Philly can't count on HUD's Ben Carson to help solve its affordable housing crisis | Editorial http://www.philly.com/philly/opinion/editorials/philly-cant-count-on-huds-ben-carson-to-help-solve-its-affordable-housing-crisis-editorial-20180517.html

    Philly can't count on HUD's Ben Carson to help solve its affordable housing crisis | Editorial
    America can't afford to have Ben Carson continue as head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development; least of all Philadelphia, whose shortage of affordable housing is intolerable. Carson is yet another Trump appointee whose main job is to undermine the very Cabinet department he was selected by the president to lead.

4 days ago



    Mayor Kenney announces first rec 'rebuild' as clash over union diversity heats up
    Dilapidated Vare Recreation Center in Grays Ferry will be the first city facility improved through Mayor Jim Kenney's stalled soda tax-financed upgrade for parks, rec centers and libraries.


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