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Sounds strange, I'm sure but I was looking out my front step, letting my cat in, when this small creature that looked like a rat, (I've never seen one that close up) was moving between my step and my neighbor's wooden step, then came up to the step I was standing on and bold as you please looked up and wanted to follow my cat inside, who actually skirted it as he came in. It acted like a pet that was used to going into houses 'invited', AND used to cats..I thought, baby possum at first. Whatever, very disconcerting. 1800 block of South 19th Street.

  • Strongforu 4600 Block of Cedar Avenue

    Yeah, this sounds like an opossum. Beware, they can be dangerous.

  • Thanks for your comment. No. I had looked at possums previously, it was a rat.

    I think most living beings when cornered, terrified, and sensing danger will try to become dangerous to survive. Ever hear of 'playing possum'? That's what possum do when they're so terrified that they go into a coma. Doesn't sound like a vicious killer would want that reputation.

    I read up on possums to have a handle on them.
    They are not known to be vicious.
    Remove them and you'll be swimming in garbage, rats and mice.
    Which in certain parts of South Philly, doesn't seem like an abnormal thing to circumvent. If possums help keep the rat and mice population down, so be it. Natural rodent repellent.

    I saw a possum killing in my 'hood. They clubbed it to death in the street. The cries from this poor creature stays with me. Primitive, ignorant, village people mentality was the scariest thing to watch. Think back when you were a kid and witnessing somebody or something being hit or hurt. The kids around here sure do get their proper schooling. I don't think we're quite ready for extra-terrestrials.

  • Steven Buller Beer Jesus

    Opossums are great for the neighborhood, they keep pest, mice, and rat populations down. That’s super important when some people don’t understand what a garbage can is used for. You should’ve yelled at the people killing it.

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