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Public records

  • 311 Service Requests

    Service requests from Philly Open311.

  • Building Permits

    Building permits is issued by the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections.

  • Business Licenses

    Business Licenses issued by the Phialdelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections.

  • Crime Reports

    Serious crimes reported recently by the Philadelphia Police Department.

  • Street Closures

    Street Closures are reported from Philly OpenData

From the Web

  • Classroom fundraisers

    Opportunities to donate at neighborhood schools, from

  • Events

    Neighborhood events from various sources

  • Media mentions

    Locations mentioned in local news articles and blogs.

  • Meetups

    Meetups scheduled from

  • Photos

    Photos posted to third-party photo-sharing sites and assigned a specific location in Philadelphia.

  • School reviews

    Reviews of schools in Philadelphia posted on GreatSchools.