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The community alert sirens are tested at noon on the first Saturday of each month. Did you hear them today? WHAT to DO IF YOU HEAR THE COMMUNITY ALERT SIRENS AT OTHER TIMES: The following information regarding the Community Alert Siren System is intended for residents and businesses in South and Southwest Philadelphia nearest the refinery to advise everyone what to do when the sirens sound. The sirens are tested on the first Saturday of each month at noon for 30 seconds. In the event of a real emergency, the siren sounds continuously for three minutes. Residents are advised to follow Shelter-in-Place advisories whenever the sirens sound. The Shelter-in-Place information below will guide you and your family about what precautions to take in the unlikely event of a release from the refining complex or from a rail or truck accident anywhere in the community. We hope that you will find the information useful, and that you will share it with your family, friends and neighbors. 1) DO NOT PANIC BUT GO INSIDE IMMEDIATELY. 2) CLOSE ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS. 3) TURN OFF VENTILATION SYSTEM. 4) GO TO AN EASILY SEALED ROOM AND STAY THERE. 5) TUNE RADIO TO KYW 1060 (AM) FOR INSTRUCTIONS. 6) WAIT FOR THE "ALL CLEAR" BROADCAST. There are currently 11 sirens located throughout South and Southwest Philadelphia. Pepper Middle School, 82nd and Lyons Eastwick Library, Island Ave. & Lindbergh Finnegan's Playground, 70th and Grovers Connell Park, 65th & Grays Bartram's Village, 56th and Lindbergh Recreation Center, 48th & Woodland Fire House, 32nd and Grays Ferry JFK Annex, 25th & Morris Passyunk Library, 20th and Shunk FDR Park, 20th and Pattison PES Refining Complex, 28th & Passyunk If you SEE, HEAR, or SMELL something you think is coming from the refining complex, contact the PES Communications Center at 215-339-2286.

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November 4, 2017
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