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Hello My name is Marc Reason. I have purposely stayed out of the food truck issue because I believed and still believe it is a block issue. I believe the residents voices should be heard. Since social media campaigns have been started and news paper articles have suggested that people that look like each other are trying to keep one group from conducting a mobile business, I felt the need to speak out. From Philly Voice Article License and Inspection quote - "UPDATE: Several hours after this story was published, L&I responded to an earlier request for comment. Department spokeswoman Karen Guss said the truck "still has valid licenses and can operate anywhere in Philadelphia that is not expressly restricted." "The Platters operators’ license was not a license to vend right outside of their barber shop. The license was not for any one location," she said, noting that there is some level of community opposition to the truck. "There would have been no reason for L&I to know that that specific location is what those guys had in mind." I DON'T WANT A FOOD TRUCK ON MY BLOCK JUST LIKE THE RESIDENTS ON DREXEL RD DON'T WANT ONE ON THEIR BLOCK. TRYING TO INTIMIDATE RESIDENTS IS SAD AND DISGUSTING ESPECIALLY COMING FROM PEOPLE THAT DO NOT LIVE IN OVERBROOK PARK. SO AGAIN I MARC A. REASON SUPPORT MY COMMUNITY, MY NEIGHBORS AND THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME ANTI- BUSINESS, ANTI YOUNG BLACK MALES IT JUST MAKES ME A GOOD NEIGHBOR. I STAND WITH DREXEL ROAD RESIDENTS. SINCERELY, MARC A REASON

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May 25, 2018
  • Shay Willis Concerned homeowner of Overbrook Park for 24 years

    I too am a resident of Overbrook Park for almost 24 years. Some folks may not like this response but the truth is not always likeable, but that does not keep it from being the truth. When this neighborhood was predominately White this would not even be an issue. But as we know as the complexion of many neighborhoods change so does the concern. This issue of the food truck is ridiculous. The rules states that there will be no food trucks between Brookhaven and Lansdowne Avenue, end of story. Now that these gentlemen from Heritage Barbershop want to park their truck in front of the building where their shop is located, the rules are suppose to change because of them?. NO! I find it amazing that with all the conversation over this Platters food truck no one once has expressed any concern for the tenants that rent apartments on the two upper floors of that building. Why should these tenants be subjected to the noise, the crowds right in front of their door? I can remember one Friday in April when that truck was operating, patrons from the Heritage Barbershop were out in front of the shop in groves, doubled parked, cars everywhere. That truck was operating back in March, so for those two gentlemen to say they had only been operating a few days before L&I shut them down is very untrue. I have a straight view from my house to their shop and that truck. My question to Brian Hickey and Fox News is how about we send the truck to your community and have them operate outside of your residence? At the end of the day that food truck and any others do not belong in Overbrook Park. The city has designated areas where they can operate all day. In ending I will say, this is not a Drexel Road or Haverford Avenue issue, it is an Overbrook Park issue for it's residents not outsiders. I stand with Mr. Marc A. Reason on everything he stated. Because we do not want trucks in our community does not make us bad people only CONCERNED RESIDENTS!

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