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A workshop with Youth HEALers Stand Up! and community members to envision the future(s) of housing and new models of support, resources, emotional and physical health and safety for low income/institutionalized/disconnected people under 25 in Philly. These visioning sessions will be youth-led and facilitated, with support from youth justice and housing advocates. Visioning sessions will include mapping, storytelling, resource-sharing and other activities that will allow youth and participants to create a collaborative, multi-prong action plan for shaping the future of housing justice in Philadelphia. Icebox Project Space 1400 N. American St, Phila PA 19122 | Accessible Space Food + Public Transportation support + $25 stipend for youth participants RSVP: blackquantumfuturism@gmail 215-469-1606 (Text or voicemail) About Youth HEALers Stand Up!: Youth HEALers Stand Up! is a collective of young people ages 13-24 who have struggled against homelessness, and who are committed to sparking and maintaining a youth-led movement to fight youth homelessness, housing insecurity, and poverty in Philadelphia and beyond. The HEALers are committed to altering power dynamics in youth serving systems so that more young people have access to decision-making processes that affect their lives, and so that adult professionals learn to see youth as potential resources for creating solutions, rather than as problems themselves. At the same time, The HEALers are committed to creating a space where participants and community members experience healing through consciousness raising, peer support, and solidarity building around youth homelessness and related experiences of foster care, incarceration and detention, and/or intergenerational poverty. The HEALers are housed at People’s Emergency Center, a comprehensive community development and housing non-profit serving the West Philadelphia community since 1972. ----------------------------- Workshop is part of Black Quantum Futurism presents Community Futurisms: Time & Memory in North Philly 002 - #blackspaceagency @ Icebox Project Space

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