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"The refinery is Philadelphia’s single largest generator of particulate emission air pollution, according to city data. In the 19145 zip code that Thompson and her son call home, asthma is common among children, and the rates of hospitalization for the ailment are among the highest in the city. The cancer mortality rate too is among the highest in the city. ... Irene Russell is 66 years old and has lived in Grays Ferry all her life. She said her daughter and a couple of her grandsons have asthma, and that some friends have died of cancer. She blames it on the refinery but says she’ll never move out of her neighborhood. “If I’m not in Grays Ferry, then I’m nowhere in Philadelphia — I’ll rather go to Florida,” Russell said."

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February 1, 2018
    With South Philadelphia refinery in bankruptcy proceedings, neighbors see an opportunity for cleaner air
    Zalaka Thompson lives less than a mile from the biggest oil refinery on the East Coast. Though the Schuylkill Expressway separates her home from the Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) crude facility, she feels its presence daily. Her 14-year old son has asthma and carries an inhaler with him at all times, on the doctor's orders.

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