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"While the average American diet amounts to about 5 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per day, the typical meat- and dairy-heavy diet amounts to three times that. By bringing those resource-intensive diets more in line with the average American diet, we could save 0.27 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in a single day – that’s the equivalent of removing 661 million cars off the road."

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April 23, 2018
    A Surprising Solution to Lowering Our Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    This April marks the 48th Earth Month, offering us an opportunity to reflect on our collective impact on the one and only planet we call home. Many simple life changes can make a big difference - switching our household electricity provider to renewable or carbon-neutral energy sources, replacing inefficient household electronics, using cold water to wash our clothes, signing up for a composting service, and recycling, just to name a few.

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