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Hundreds of news stories are published each day in Philadelphia, from such sources as newspapers, TV stations and local blogs. We at EveryBlock look through these stories for specific locations in the city. Then, we map them, publish short summaries and link to the original article.

Just as our sources are varied, so are the topics they cover. You'll find articles here that touch on everything from crime to restaurant deals to community meetings.

Note that, despite our best efforts, this is not an exhaustive list of news stories in Philadelphia. We are constantly improving our system, but stories with definitive addresses or intersections have the best chance of appearing on EveryBlock.

We collect new stories from a variety of publications and add them throughout the day. If you're a publisher, we encourage you to claim your site through our Publisher Program.

We're always looking for good sources of local news. If you know of a good one that we're missing, please send us a note through our feedback form. Keep in mind that the best sources include content with specific addresses or intersections in the text of their posts and articles.


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