Tue, May 29, 2018
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
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Added May 20 2018

By now we hope you have heard of the Philadelphia Gospel Movement. Were a pretty new organization in Philadelphia, with a huge mission that no church or organization or business or individual will be able to achieve alone. Simply put, our mission is to advance strategic collaboration among churches, non-profits and the marketplace for Christs Kingdom.
What kind of collaboration, you ask? One of our first initiatives is in the field of education. A number of churches in Greater Philadelphia have found that partnering with schools is an effective way to serve their communities and also advance the gospel. We are inviting churches which are already engaged in such partnerships to a meeting on May 29th, 2018, at 3:30 p.m. at Tenth Memorial Baptist Church, 1328 North 19th Street, Philadelphia 19121.
The meeting has three purposes:
(1) to gather together churches who are engaged in serving local schools to share experiences and learn from one another
(2) to talk about the experiences of other US cities where numbers of church-school partnerships are being built
(3) to cast a vision for growing existing church-school partnerships and creating new ones throughout our region.
If your church actively serves one or more schools, please make sure this invitation gets to the appropriate person(s) in your congregation. Also, if you know other churches who actively serve schools but may not have received an invitation, please forward this invitation to them.

In addition to advising us about your attendance at the meeting, please let us know about your partnership on by answering these few questions. Your answers to those questions will be very helpful to us in planning the meeting. Please let Dave Brindley know if you have any questions. His email is and cell is 215-407-7182.
In Christ,
Rev. Glenn McDowell and Rev. William B. Moore
Co-Chairs, Philadelphia Gospel Movement

Posted to Tenth Memorial Baptist Church (1328 North 19th Street)

This event was posted to Tenth Memorial Baptist Church (1328 North 19th Street)

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