Tue, Mar 20, 2018
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Added Mar 19 2018

This will also be a follow up program for those joining us from March 19th program.

Join us to learnSahajaYogafree meditation andexperiencestress reduction,inner peace, joy thoughtless state of mind.

Speaker- Neurology Resident from Hahnemann Hospital.

Location- New College Building, 245 N 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 (Drexel University College of Medicine, Behind HahnemannUniversity Hospital
Entrance on 15th street, 3rd floor, room: 3506-10. (After coming to the 3rd floor byelevator, turn left and walk to the end of the hallway and then turn right, follow signs)
Mandatory: Participants will need to bring a photo ID sign in at the security desk for attending the meditation program on 3rd floor.

1. Introduction to SahajaYoga meditation.
2. Quick recap of the Human subtle system- 7 Chakras(7 neural centers) 3 channels(nervous systems) and how we can bring them into balance.
3. Follow up meditation which focuses on a selected aspect for that week, ex- getting rid of anger or anxiety, unable to focus,how to get rid of stress instantly while at work etc
4. Q
5. Follow up with the previous attendees- sharing experience from the previous week and steps to go deeper.

***No need to bring yoga mat or to be in any special attire***

We cannot imagine a moment where human mind can stop thinking. These thoughts are either of the past or the future, aren't they? Excessive thinking leads to tiredness, lack of concentration, losing focus from important things; long term results can be depression, anxiety, sleeplessness etc.

But through SahajaYoga meditation, we canexperience a rapid decrease in thoughtswhich can make us peaceful and balanced. This in turn makes our attention focused and we can be in the present more productive in our work, meetings, studies or our day-to-day tasks. A peaceful mind helps us to remain calm in critical situations and we start 'wisely responding' to the situations instead of 'panicking or reacting'.

Experience this for yourself with us in this meditation meeting.This is not just talk information but experience actualization.

Priceless always free for everyone!

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Posted to New College Building (Drexel Uni College of Medicine) (245 N 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102)

This event was posted to New College Building (Drexel Uni College of Medicine) (245 N 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102)

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