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Key Features

* 32 Hours of Classroom Training
* 90 Days e-Learning Access Included
* PMBOK Guide 5th Edition from PMI
* PMP Mock Exams and Mock Projects
* Group Activities for better reinforcement
* Real world examples from various industries
* Industry based case studies
* Trainers Notes, Sample Question Paper Case Studies
* 35 Contact hours certificate
* PMP exam application assistance
* 24/7 customer support

About the Course

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the top professional certifications for project managers offered by the Project Management Institute, USA. PMIs latest salary survey confirms what businesses, job boards and the media have been proclaiming for the past two years: Project management is one of the hottest professions out there. Your PMI credential specifically, the Project Management Professional (PMP)credential also positively impacts your salary, according to the survey responses of more than 30,000 practitioners in 29 countries. The positive impact is not exclusive to the U.S. PMP credential holders in all countries surveyed noted higher median salaries than non-credential holders some upwards of 50 percent more.

Who needs to attend?

Associate project managers, project managers, IT project managers, project coordinators, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, team leaders, product managers, program managers, project sponsors, and project team members seeking the PMP or CAPM certification.

What is this course about?

PMP training from Trainerkart is a unique, power packed, career-ready package and one of a kind in the industry. Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the topmost professional certification for project managers offered by the Project Management Institute.

What learning benefits do you get from Trainerkarts training?

* Establish a common vocabulary and understanding of basic Project Management terms and concepts such as PMBOK, project, Project management, operations, programs, stakeholders, earned value, scheduling techniques, and project managers responsibilities and competencies.
* Describe the purpose, inputs, and outputs of the processes in each of the five Process Groups: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring Controlling, and Closing
* Define the 10 Project Management Knowledge areas the processes in each. Define explain the relationship of process groups, Knowledge areas, project phases, project life cycle
* Demonstrate a clear understanding of what activities, tools, techniques, are necessary in each phase of a project understand the PMPexamination nuances
* Understand, acknowledge appreciate importance of risk management. Learn tools and techniques for managing the risks in projects
* Overview of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) discussion on concept of Buffer Management.
* Help the participants to understand one, understand others, and manage the interface more efficiently effectively. Understanding the impact of organizational structures on projects
* Discussion on project managers professional responsibilities.
* With the help of case studies, motivating the participants to use the principles of Project Management in their own Work area discussed with the help of case studies.
Why Trainerkart Learning Solution?

Trainerkart Learning Solutions training is the best and value for time money invested. We stand out because our customers

Get trained at the best price compared to other training providers.
Get trained by the best trainer in the industry.
Get access to course specific learning videos.
Get 100% Money back guarantee.

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