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Around 5:30 p.m. on 1/31/2018, my doorbell rang when I didn't expect anyone. I saw a stranger through my peephole. My storm door was locked, so I opened the front door. A young black man in dark clothing and a knit cap tried to engage with me with a cheery greeting. I simply said "Go away." and closed the door. I immediately called my next-door neighbor, and he had been there as well. I called 911 with the report. My neighbor made the mistake of talking to him through her locked storm door, but fortunately did not fall for his scam. He told her that he was "from the gas company" and could help her save money. He told her to go get her gas bill and he;d show her how. She said no and closed her door. So, we are safe her, and I hope you will stay safe, too.

  • Thanks for sharing. These alternative gas suppliers are trying to win your business so I wouldn’t necessarily call them fake. With that said, they often misrepresent themselves insinuating they were sent by PECO or that they’re the official supplier or some bs like that to which you can note their gas company name and then report their tactics to PECO. PECO gladly takes these reports and send it further up the chain to get them reprimanded. Talking to PECO they said some companies go as far as to automatically switching your gas provider without your permission if you show them your bill where they can sneak a peek at your account information.

  • Bee Freedman Avg Sr Citizen

    This is great information. Thanks so much for filling in the picture. There are still too many things about that encounter that I find spooky: coming around after dark, the guy's behavior--very unprofessional and too ingratiating, and his misleading statement that he's "from the gas company." In Philadelphia, the only "gas company" I know is PGW, and I expect their people to be arriving in a marked vehicle and showing clear Identification (and only coming here after dark if I've called in a gas problem). If I have a choice of gas suppliers, I wasn't aware of it. I thought I only had a choice of electricity suppliers. If we have "gas choice" in Philly, I think we ought to be informed in a proper way. Customers should be reaching out to suppliers, not the other way around. There are too many trusting citizens getting robbed and injured by letting strangers into their homes. I am the most UN-trusting citizen I can possibly be, and that door stays locked!

  • I meant to say PGW*. You are so right. Fraudsters are so rampant these days it’s sickening.

  • Bee Freedman Avg Sr Citizen

    Definitely! One can't be vigilant enough these days. I searched online and learned that we PGW customers now have gas choice--BUT, and a big BUT, the best prices are Not Available to us--why am I not surprised?! Still, small discounts are available and I will study their terms more closely.

  • Bee Freedman Avg Sr Citizen

    So, I studied the offers. Not good. Philly gas customers are pretty much locked into PGW. The "offers" available to us are two from just one company, at the same price, but for different contract lengths (12 mo or 24 mo). I could not display the Terms and Conditions of these offers. Both were labeled as having a Cancellation Fee (amount not disclosed). PGW doesn't tell you its Price to Compare. I looked at all 12 of my bills from 2017, and the PGW price/ccf varied month-to-month unpredictably. I calculated that I might have saved $ 2017 on either of the alternate plans. BUT, I also saw that PGW adds something they call a "migration rider" to your bill for the first 12 months after you switch. The amount of this rider is not disclosed anywhere. So, I can't tell if it would be less or more than my calculated savings. To me, switching seems unlikely to actually help me.

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