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If a vehicle is parked in front or near a private driveway can the police be called to ticket the vechicle even though there are no sign's posted ?

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    yes,but you'll wait for a while for a response and they won't be able to tow it. leave a note on the vehicle on his being inconsiderate. don't be abusive.

  • If a vehicle is blocking your private driveway, you can most definitely dial 9-1-1. The police will be dispatched and write a citation. You should also note that it is illegal for you, the homeowner, to block your own private driveway.

    7th Police District Advisory Council

  • Why would it be illegal to block your own driveway?

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    A homeowner has the right to access and use their driveway; but not block it.

  • ... how about if someone keeps an old clunker of a car - missing license plates, missing bumpers etc in their driveway - is that a violation?

  • You can't block your own driveway because that would grant you some kind of special privilege over the public property that is the street.

  • Thanks everyone for the info! I don't block my driveway, but it's good to know the rules...just in case!

  • What about people with a driveway next to their home (a twin). We have a neighbor who not only makes sure no one parks in the driveway (which is acceptable), but he also painted the street so that no one can park about ten feet near it on both sides. I don't even know if his "driveway" is legal. Is there a city rule for how many feet for these things?

  • I would suggest you contact the Philadelphia Parking Authority using the link below. I am quite certain he cannot paint a public street.

  • I Always call 911 and never the police come.

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