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EveryBlock's discussion section lets you start conversations about what's happening in your neighborhood. Concerned about crime on your block? Wondering about a local school? Enjoying a new restaurant? Just post a message or ask a question to kick off a discussion with your neighbors.

The way it works is simple: just create a free EveryBlock account and start a discussion, specifying the relevant location. The discussion will be published on all nearby block pages, relevant neighborhood and ZIP code pages.

The discussions come from registered EveryBlock users. Use this form to start a discussion.

To keep a conversation healthy, we have a couple of rules for what can be posted in discussions. We prohibit hateful or libelous content and information that is off-topic. Commercial messages should be kept to a minimum. Our policy on user submissions fully explains our rules.

Note that you'll need an EveryBlock account to make an announcement. To create an account, click the "register" link on the upper right of any EveryBlock page. After you provide your e-mail address, you'll have to click through a verification e-mail and set a password.


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